7/8/15 The beginning.

This is a new attempt to generate thought about things that are going to face us as we continue our journey on the Earth.  We have been blessed with an existence that is provided for by the natural world.  What becomes of us if we as humanity continue to destroy the very entity that provides our life.  We are at a point where we should as a society start to question practices and behaviors that are a detriment to the ground that gives sustains us.  Big corporate money flows into Washington creating policy that effects us all in many ways.  I am not a fan of Genetically Modified Food.  Lab created breeds of resistant plants have to have some residuals that will be transferred to the animals and people who eat them.  Chemical pollution brought through the systems of the plant life that is supposed to be creating better health for us does not sound like a good thing to me.  Why are the big chemical and GMO suppporters so worried about labeling the content of food?  Because if you knew these things were in your food you would have a choice not to purchase.  Without labeling you would be totally ignorant of what someone has plugged into your food purchase.  They do not want you to know what is in there.  They have invested too much money creating a chemical laced creation that withstands their own weed killing agent or is able to stay on the shelf for close to a month.  Does that sound appetizing at all??