Beaverdam Watershed Commission 

Board of Directors

Royce McCall, 2021-2024, Chairman
George Olbon, 2021-2024, Vice-Chairman

Nathan Gambrell, 2019-2022, Secretary/Treasurer
Garland Veasey, 2021-2024

About the Beaverdam Creek Watershed Conservation District, Oconee, SPD # 562

The Beaverdam Creek Watershed Conservation District is a special purpose district established through SC Code 48-11-10 for the services of watershed and flood control.  The watershed includes 24,269 acres, 89% in southern Oconee County, 11% in northwestern Anderson County.

From SC Code 48-11-10

"Watershed conservation districts  develop and execute plans and programs relating to a phase of the control or prevention of soil erosion or flooding; the conservation, protection, improvement, development, or utilization of soil and water resources; stormwater management; or the disposal of water. This authority applies, but is not limited to, the planning and carrying out of works of improvement for the foregoing purposes which may be considered by the United States Secretary of Agriculture under the Watershed and Flood Prevention Act, as amended, and does not affect the existing procedures followed by local interests in the planning and construction of water resources development projects of other agencies."

What's a watershed?

"Watershed" means the drainage area contributing stormwater runoff to a single point. 

Upcoming Meetings and Agendas

The Beaverdam Watershed Commission shall meet Tuesday, March 29th at 9:00 AM.